Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Think of the children- Kerry Wilkinson

Think of the children is the the fourth book in the DS Daniels series which shot Kerry Wilkinson to fame as the earlier books rocketed up the Kindle chart.

On her way to work DS Jessica Daniels witnesses a car crash.  When she arrives at the car she finds the driver is dead but notices the boot of the car is open.  When she takes a look inside she finds the body of Isaac Hutchings, a young boy who has been missing for a couple of weeks.  This case soon becomes linked with a case from 14 years ago when another young boy went missing.  Jessica and Dave Rowlands are called in to see what the connections can be between the two cases and also to try adn identify the dead driver.

This is a good addition to the series, the relationships between the characters continues to develop and it is really nice to have a main character in a detective novel who seems fairly normal.

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