Thursday, 7 March 2013

One, two...he is coming for you

Rebekka Franck and her daughter Julie have recently moved back in with her father after fleeing from her husband when he became ausive.  She starts working at the local newspaper on the day that the town has their first murder.  The team of Franck and Sune, the photographer, soon start looking deeper into the case than the police seem to and it is not long before they believe they are looking for a serial killer.

The book is well written, I thought I had worked it out who the killer was fairly early into the story but was pleased that it was a red herring.  The characters develop well throughout the course of the book with more and more coming to light about each of them as the story progresses.

I shall now be downloading the second book onto my kindle to see if it lives up to the first in the series.

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