Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Janus Stone- Elly Griffiths

The second book in the Ruth Galloway series continued to develop the characters and build them into thoroughly likeable people.  In this book Ruth is called in to date some bones found at the site of a former children's home.  As Ruth is drawn deeper into the case it becomes clear that someone isn't happy with her investigations and is keen to scare her or even kill her.

I look forward to the third book to find out what happens to Ruth and the rest of the characters.  Still my only criticism of the book is the fact it is written in the present tense.  I just don't like it!!


Thursday, 29 December 2011

No mark upon her- Deborah Crombie

DCI Rebecca Meredith is a keen and competent rower who is contemplating having a sabatical from the Met so she can train for the Olympics.  However, one evening she goes out rowing and isn't seen again.  The canine search and rescue team are called in to investigate and soon her body is found.  Kincaid (on his way back from his wedding) is called in to investigate and soon there appear to be several issues which require his careful and diplomatic handling.
This is another good offering by Crombie and combines the progression of Kincaid and James' personal relationship and family life as well as some more delicate professional topics.


Thursday, 22 December 2011

A simple act of violence- RJ Ellory

At times I felt like I wasn't making any progress with this book but I think thats because there are several layers to the storyline running throughout.  It is also a large book (almost 600 pages).  Catherine Sheridan is found dead in her house.  She is the fourth victim of the "Ribbon Killer" but as Miller and his partner Roth try to delve into her background they keep coming to dead ends-it appears that Catherine Sheridan doesn't exist.  Interwoven with this storyline is the recollections of John who we know is linked to Catherine but no idea how or why.  This book also looks at CIA and police coverups.  I thought it was a clever story with lots of twists and turns and it is more than just a typical run of the mill police thriller.


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vanished-Liza Marklund

This was a review copy that I was sent.  I have had mixed feelings about some of Marklund's other books.  This is the second book in the Annika Bengtzon series although some of the later ones have already been published in the UK.

Two men are found murdered at a port in Stockholm and a woman is running for her life from the gunman.  Annika Bengtzon is contacted by a lady who runs an organisation called Paradise which, she claims, enables women to disappear and hide from their past.  This lady wants Annika to run a story in the newspaper covering Paradise but the deeper Annika delves into the organisation the more questions she finds she has unanswered.

I really enjoyed this book, much more so than some of Marklund's later books.  All in all I find her somewhat of a conundrum as I have really enjoyed this book and the bomber and yet couldn't stand Prime Time.


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The survivors club

3 women who have survived being attacked by the "College Hill Rapist" form the survivors' club.  Eddie Como has been arrested and is being tried for the charge but as he leaves the police van to enter the courthouse he is shot by a hired assassin who is then killed by a car bomb.  The survivors club are the obvious first suspects of the police until another woman is attacked.

This is a cleverly written book with lots of twists and turns.  The characters are well rounded and likeable.


Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Shop on Blosson Street

This is the first in the Blossom Street series but the second I have read. It starts off with Lydia opening a knitting shop and beginning a knitting class. The book follows the life of Lydia and the 3 members of the knitting class as they face various issues in their life. For Lydia it is allowing herself to fall in love again and dealing with the repercussions of having had cancer, Alix is trying to get her life back on the straight and narrow, Carol is facing her final attempt and IVF and Jacqueline is dealing with daughter in law she doesn't like and an unfaithful husband.

This is not a taxing book to read but if you are looking for a light hearted, easy read give it a go

Friday, 9 December 2011

Dark of the moon- PJ Parrish

This book is set in 1983 and portrays the time as still very racially tense.  This is the overriding theme of the book.  Louis Kincaid has returned to Black Pool as his mother is dying.  He was appointed to the police force by a telephone interview and as such the chief didn't realise he was a black man until he walked through the door.  There is so much prejudice against him as a black detective but there is a reluctance to have a thorough investigation conducted when bones are discovered.  The pressure from those in power is to close the case with minimum work and disruption to the status quo.
I look forward to seeing where this series goes.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Back on Blossom Street- Debbie Macomber

This book is based in a knitting shop on blossom street. It is the fourth in the series I think but the first I have read.  Each chapter focusses on the life of one of 3 main characters; Lydia- the owner of the knitting shop, Alix who works at the bakery across the road and is due to get married in 4 weeks but is having her wedding taken over by other people, and Colette who has recently moved into the flat above the shop.  She is a widower with several ssecrets in her past which we learn more about as the book progresses.  This is an easy read which requires very little effort.  Very enjoyable though, I will be looking out for more in the series