Friday, 25 November 2011

A thousand bones- PJ Parrish

Until reading later reviews I assumed this was the first in a series as it shows how detective Joe Frye began life as a detective. I have since found out that her boyfriend (Louis Kincaid) is actually the main character in a series of books. The story follows Frye as she starts out in a sleepy town in Michigan. Several bones are found in the nearby woods and whilst some of the detectives are happy to make assumptions about who the bones belong to Frye wants to carry out the investigation thoroughly and get to the bottom of the matter. She does use some unorthodox methods namely allowing the newspaper editor to develop her photos for her!!

It isn't a fast paced book and even the slight twist in it is fairly easy to spot but nonetheless it was a pleasant read covering Indian legends and internal police politics/prejudices and I will be looking out for others by this author


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