Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Au revoir Liverpool-Maureen Lee

I read this in 3 hours and at least one and a half of those I should have been asleep for but it was an utterly compelling read. I felt that I cared about the characters. Jessica is married to Bertie, a manipulative, mean man. One day she does something foolish and Bertie throws her out and doesn't allow her to know where the children are living. Jessica seeks to carve out a new life for herself whilst grieving for the loss of that relationship. Outbreak of war is imminent and an old friend asks her to travel to Paris to bring his daughter back to safety. We follow Jessica's journey to Paris and the life she begins to live over in France.

This book covers quite serious topics such as the German occupation, the resistance movement in France as well as the deceit and betrayal in people's marriages. I loved the way that the German soldiers, when featured, where shown to be humans and not just unpleasant killing machines as can occur in some books


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