Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Only the innocent- Rachel Abbott

 Sir Hugo Fletcher is found murdered in his home, tied to the bed in such a way that the police are convinced that the perpetrator of the crime must be a woman.  Sir Hugo's charity work made him famous for rescuing eastern european girls from prostitution and prociding somewhere for them to go but what of his private life?  This begins to be revealed to us through a series of letters his second wife Laura wrote to her childhood best friend Imogen.  The public figure and the private man don't match up.  DCI Tom Douglas has no shortage of women he could consider to be suspects but he finds it very difficult to penetrate the tight circle of loyalties that exist for Sir Hugo and between one another. 

This book is told in a clever way because there is the ongoing police investigation into what has happened but this doesn't dominate the storyline and there are also the letters written from Laura to Imogen as well as the discussions these letters provoke between the two friends.  As the book progresses there are more and more layers evident.  I was very slightly disappointed by the ending and for this reason I have gone for 4* and not 5.

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