Thursday, 26 January 2012

The cleansing- Bill Rogers

DCI Tom Caton has to find out who the murder victim is as well as who the murderer is.  As the reader we know the answer to one of those questions- Albert Stephen is the murderer and the book switches between what he is doing and what the detectives are doing.  Even once Caton and his team have found out who the victim is they can find no reason for the murder to have taken place.  Strangely enough though the murderer seems quite keen to show himself to CCTV cameras and ensure people get a good look at him.
This is a really well written first book in a series.  The characters are well developed and likeable.  Despite there being quite a lot of characters introduced I didn't feel like I lost track of them at all.  Am now going to download the second in the series!

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